Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was born on November 2nd at Hartford Hospital in Hartford,Connecticut which was election day that year. That same day, Janis Cayne was born. We both went to Simsbury High School and graduated the same year. We both also have the same number of total vowels and consonants if you add up our first, middle, and last names the total is 17 each.

On my high School graduation day our class was all dressed in the traditional "cap and gown" outfits as we waited in our chairs to go up and receive our high school diplomas. Guess who was assigned to sit next to me on that graduation day? Answer: Janis Cayne. I wonder what the odds are of being born on the same day at the same hospital and then going to the same high school and then graduating in the same class and sitting next to that same person at the high school graduation ?

I doubt if the school administrators researched each graduating student in my class that year and said,"Oh, we should seat Rick next to Janis as they are exactly the same age." Maybe it was just a coincidence.