Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today Saturday April 4th,2009 at 6:07 pm. the University of Connecticut Huskies battle the Michigan State Spartans in the first game of the "Final Four" Men's Basketball championship held at Ford Field in Detroit. The Spartans are the "home team" as their campus is only 92 miles away whereas UCONN is over 700 miles from the stadium. It is expected that over 72,0000 fans will be watching this game live at the stadium with at least 60,000 fans rooting for the Spartans. Should be a sea of green and white for the Spartan faithful.
In a role reversal of the movie "300" where 300 Spartan warriors faced a Persian horde of tens of thousands; this time the Huskies take the "Spartan mantle" of the few against the many. The game however is played on the basketball court five on five. UCONN has had a great road record this season and is used to winning games against loud opposition hometown crowds. Will the Huskies triumph against the the might Spartan fan horde? The winners of the West region (see Yahoo Sports photo above) UCONN has never lost a Final Four game. Time will tell. GO HUSKIES! We got Thabeet! The Price is right! Yo, Adrien is a Warrior! Robinson is a Skywalker! Austrie a steady senior contributor! K Walker is a blur! Vanquish "The Spartan Majority".