Sunday, April 19, 2009


YouTube - Arlo Guthrie/Motorcycle Song In 1968 as a member of my local Simsbury Connecticut church fellowship group I went to my first concert as we went to see Arlo Guthrie at the Bushnell Auditorium in Hartford. I remember that our group sat in the center section about twenty rows from the stage. Arlo, son of famous troubadour Woodie Guthrie, is known for his long rambling story telling songs particularly "Alice's Restaurant". The You Tube link is of Arlo singing his "Motorcycle Song".

Before we went to the concert I remember that someone in our group said that when we get to the concert we should yell out "Stockbridge School Sucks" as Arlo went to Stockbridge School in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. At the concert we did yell out "Stockbridge School Sucks". Arlo, heard us and started chuckling and said "Yes, It is a question of what they suck."

In the "Motorcycle Song" Arlo states that he doesn't want a pickle, he just wants to ride on his motorcycle. So, if Arlo Guthrie comes into a restaurant or stops by your house some day while riding his motorcycle you can hold the pickle.