Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Hold Your Tongue"

With the rampant unemployment currently present throughout the nation; it is important to respect the value of a job no matter what the job is and important not to be judgemental towards others who may be perceived as performing certain jobs that may be below their abilities but need the work and money to support themselves until perhaps a better opportunity develops for them. Yes, people should "hold their tongue" and "Judge not lest ye be judged" as "the good book" says.

For example, I remember that when I was growing up in Simsbury, Connecticut during the grammar school or junior high school days that there was a tale often told which I'm not sure was true. The story goes like this; one student would say "My father shovels ashes in a ship yard." Now, there is a big shipbuilding operation in Connecticut around the New London, Connecticut area where they build submarines so maybe this young fellow student was telling the truth. However, this student would encourage in this case to say this phrase "My father shovels ashes in a ship yard" while holding your tongue between your thumb and index finger.

As mentioned above, it is not good to criticize anyone's employment but, in this case while holding your tongue the resulting phrase was somewhat funny then and continues to be somewhat amusing to this very day. Try this yourself if you dare but not around young children unless you want them to learn some interesting language that they too can repeat in their school.