Friday, November 26, 2010

Reprise Tree

This photo was taken around noon time on Thanksgiving day of the largest Sycamore tree in Connecticut located in Simsbury, Connecticut right next to the Farmington river. I posted a different photo of this tree in a previous "blog" posting and thought that I would take a more recent picture to see if this tree is still growing. This tree has a circumference of over 23 feet seven inches.

Although "trees don't grow to the sky" as the old saying goes I was surprised to see that this tree is still growing as I calculated that this tree is approximately 2.3 to 2.7 inches wider from measuring the tree from the most extreme left tip to the most extreme right tip on the branches.

I guess this tree still enjoys the almost unlimited supply of fresh water from the river in addition to the carbon emissions from all the cars that go by this tree on the way to and from the Hartford ,Connecticut area. Yes, this location is a veritable "tree paradise" as far as growing conditions are concerned. I'm sure this tree is "thankful" for this prime tree growing location. I will try to remember to measure this tree again next year to see if the tree has grown another couple of inches or so.