Friday, November 19, 2010

Trumpet Player?

Democratic Senator: FCC should shut down Fox News and MSNBC United Liberty Free Market - Individual Liberty - Limited Government I wonder if Senator Jay Rockefeller was in his high school band as a youngster as a trumpet player or perhaps a Tuba player? I wouldn't be surprised as you need a good set of lungs to play many musical instruments as he sure sounds like a "blow hard" at least in my opinion. Listen to this "wind bag" at the link above as he describes his wish that Fox News and MSNBC should be taken off the air as he feels that these stations make it difficult to do their work in congress. Hey, anyone is entitled to their opinion even if they are descendants of wealthy businessmen like Senator Rockefeller who through his lucky birth circumstances was a multi-millionaire when he was one second old. Bully for hm! We should all be so fortunate. However, it seems to me a little presumptuous that he feels that he has the right to try to stifle public discourse and the free flow of competing political ideas. Who gave him this right to assume that his opinions are of more importance than the rest of us? I know stifling political free speech was a popular technique in history such as in Nazi Germany, Maoist China, and the former Soviet Union for example; but, unless America wants to give up freedom of speech and surrender individual thought to the glory of the almighty "State" and walk down the road of socialism or national socialism and have the citizens all become mind numb automatons, then Senator Rockefeller will just have to learn to live with a climate where different points of view are welcome and tolerated.

Yes, we live in a representative republic where elected leaders are voted into office to address the issues of the day. Maybe it is just me, but I resent the elitist attitude portrayed by people such as Senator Rockefeller who don't want to hear the views of the people but relish "tooting" their own self-important horn.