Friday, November 5, 2010

"I Learned Something Today"

I learned something today that I never knew before when I met a 96 year old man at his home in Dennis, Mass for a routine insurance inspection. As a boy this man lived in Sudbury, Mass near the legendary baseball great Babe Ruth who at the time lived on a 100 acre farm while he played baseball with the Boston Red Sox. Back then according to this man "The Babe" used to invite his fellow baseball teammates out to his farm to hit golf balls and also practice putting. "The Babe" used to pay the neighborhood kids to retreive the golf balls and would also invite these kids to share in the food that he had on hand for his guests. Yes, "The Babe" enjoyed golf more than baseball. I did not know that.

Instead of swinging a bat in baseball "The Babe" would rather swing a golf club as well as play with his putter.