Friday, November 12, 2010

"I Thought Okies Liked Football"

OKC Mayor Mick Cornett says no to Lingerie Football League I thought people who lived in Oklahoma liked football. Throughout the years I have often heard of the football rivalry between Oklahoma University and the University of Texas for example. Now I see according to this article (click the link) that Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett has rejected the expansion plans of the Lingerie Football League for a franchise in his fair city. I think this is very discriminatory against the rights of hot babe supermodel types who want to play tackle football while at the same time play in the comfortable sexy attire of bra, panties, and lingerie. To me this type of outfit is more risky to the players or should I say risque; compared to the wimpy 300 pound plus men who have to put on shoulder pads, helmets, and other assorted protection. What do you think?

Why shouldn't supermodels have the right to play nearly nude football? Next thing you know this Mayor will start banning female mud wrestling and jello wrestling. Where will this discrimination end? Maybe the Mayor banned the Lingerie Football League because there don't seem to be any overweight "plain Jane" type young women in the promotional posters. Maybe the mayor banned this franchise because there aren't any men on the roster and I'm sure somewhere in America there must be some men who wouldn't mind tackling these lingerie ladies. I don't know. Maybe this Mayor thinks that this lingerie league is in bad taste but who is he to determine taste? Furthermore, if he thinks these outfits are in bad taste he could stipulate that these young women can play football as long as they play in tasteful edible clothes for example if he is so worried about taste. Maybe this Mayor thought that the lingerie football players would be wearing spiked heels while they play as they often wear this type of shoe on the fashion runway and he was concerned that playing in high heels may result in too many broken ankles not to mention players getting their eyes poked out by these heels. If the Mayor is worried that this form of football is too low class then how about letting this franchise play but insist that the players sing opera songs during time outs so that the spectators can enjoy some "high culture".

In the travel industry, the State of Oklahoma has a slogan "Oklahoma is OK" (probably a take off of the 2 digit state abbreviation). I don't know about you but when I vacation I try to look for someplace to go to that is hopefully better than just "OK". I say let them play or Oklahoma is NOT "OK". Okie Dokie?