Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Blue Heron"

As Winter is transitioning into Spring I thought I would share this photo I took in early December before Winter started. I was inspecting a home in Brewster on Cape Cod and came across a "Blue Heron" down by the shore of a small pond. I had to creep up real quietly behind this majestic bird to take this photo as these wild birds are known for their great hearing and eyesight. This bird was probably studying the pond and remembering all the fish, minnows and frogs it ate over the past Summer and possibly trying to calculate how to drill through the slim layer of ice for another fish delight. Not being a bird myself I don't know for sure what this bird was exactly thinking but it sure seemed to be concentrating and not even moving a feather. Then again, maybe this heron saw its reflection in the water and thought that this was another heron and they commenced to have a "staring contest".