Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Same but Different"

Ever notice how the press perceptions have changed now that President Obama is the president? The mainstream press cheerleaders (I mean news anchors and reporters) were very up to date on the casualty count for American soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush presidential years. There were a lot of anti-war protests during the Bush years but it seems that as soon as Obama was elected these protests have stopped. Same wars different perception.

Remember during the President Bush years General David Petraeus was scheduled to update Congress on the Iraq war and "Move" had full page newspaper ads where he he was called "General Betray Us" and people like Senator Hillary Clinton stated that they doubted the veracity of his analysis of the war situation. Now, General Petraeus is more respected in the media as he is working under the leadership of President Obama. Same person different perception.

Candidate Obama stated that he would close Guantanamo Bay military base where the captured suspected terrorists and jihadists were being kept as this sends a wrong image to the world of how America should operate as far as judicial resolution of these captive bad guys. Once in the presidency it seems this isn't a big deal any more and things are just as they were under the Bush administration.

I remember during the Bush administration unemployment rose to an intolerable level of 5.3% and leaders such as Nancy Pelosi called this unemployment rate a jobless recovery. Now with unemployment hovering between around 9 and 10 percent the press is painting a picture of "Good News! Unemployment dropped from 9.8 to 9.6%, further proof that the recovery is taking hold." I wonder what the press would say if a President McCain had these kind of unemployment results?

So, let's go you anti-war protesters, if that's your thing, where are you now? Hey press bring back the body counts for the wars, if that's your thing, we are still in these wars. Oops, my bad, your "Guy"is now in charge so that even though things are pretty much the same as before he was elected, things are now different. It wouldn't be "politically correct" for the main stream media to fulfill their supposed role as independent critical thinking objective journalists.

Hope the media will change but don't hold your breath. Maybe the media cheerleaders are waiting for the day when there is a new president before they get back their role of trying to investigate and report on the news of the day in a critical manner.