Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Soul Survivor"

They say in heaven there is no beer. I read recently in the book "Evidence from Beyond" which deals with some after death communications from former theologian A.D. Mattson as communicated through clairvoyant Margaret Flavell that the human ego and soul survive death. In this book it mentions that the afterlife is a higher frequency existence than life on Earth. It is said that some people who die from starvation gorge themselves on "thought food' that they create through their mind to heal their earthly hunger pangs.

The psychic Sylvia Browne says that in the afterlife you can choose the age you wish to be and that most people choose the age of thirty as the age that they are most comfortable manifesting in the great beyond.

It is said by some that Earth existence is like a giant classroom and the goal of each Earth lifetime is determined through a blueprint between each soul and God with a record of each past life kept in a huge library known as the "Akashic records". Sylvia Browne lists 44 areas of life from which each person chooses two of these categories to work on; kind of like a "major and a minor" that you choose when you attend college.

It is said that each of us is a small "spark of God" and that the goal of each of us is to increase our rate of frequency or vibration rate as we all strive to perfect ourselves and re-unite over time with the Creator. Earth existence has a relatively slow vibration rate. The next level of higher vibration rate is the "astral plane" which is almost a replica of our world. Higher vibration realms if you "graduate" are the mental and spiritual planes.

So, enjoy the ride known as life. You can come back to this Earth plane again and again if you want or need to until you get things right and "graduate" to a higher frequency plane. Remember though that there is only beer here on Earth as even the lightest light beer has too heavy a frequency vibration so drink up now if you are so inclined as higher planes of existence only have "food for thought". Your soul survives but you can't bring a keg with you when you leave this plane.