Friday, March 4, 2011

"Ouch!, That Bean Bag Hurt!"

Did you see in the news recently that United States border patrol agents sometimes are instructed to fire "bean bags" instead of bullets? What do you think of that? I think firing bean bags borders on "cruel and unusual use of force". Why, if you are hit in the stomach you could get the wind knocked out of you and fall down in the desert sand with you mouth open and suffocate to death. You could also develop a nasty bruise or even break your nose if this bean bag hit you the right spot. This use of "bean bags" does seem rather extreme and may result in the rise in price of bean bag chairs or the rise in the price of beans in general. With approximately 45 million people receiving food stamps in America the last thing we need is for a bean shortage.

I think a more humane approach would be to equip our border patrolmen with either nerf guns and cannons or large "super soaker" water guns. We could use the water which used to be offered to illegal aliens caught in the desert without water and instead spray them full blast with a super soaker stream of water.

Border patrol agent Brian Terry was recently murdered (December 14,2010) when he fired some bean bags at a group of illegal immigrants who refused to drop their AK 47 assault weapons as these immigrants returned fire with bullets. Maybe we should consider "fighting fire with fire" when enforcing our borders as although bean bags may hurt; they don't seem in most cases to have the deadly capacity of a bullet. You usually don't want to bring a knife to a gun fight or bean bags either.