Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya: What is the Mission?

President Obama, a long time critic of the Iraq war when he was running for president is now one of the world leaders in charge of establishing a "no fly" zone in Libya to try to stop Qaddafi from re-taking back his governmental control of Libya from dissenters who feels that Gaddafi's time is up. Do you agree with this assessment and should the United States be involved in the internal affairs of Libya?

If you agree that the United States should be involved in countries that yearn for freedom and have a repressive dictatorial leader then which country should we invade next?  How about Iran? After the recent election with probably fraudulent results there were massive protests and a "Green Revolution" of protesters who begged for support from the United States and others as they tried to push for freedom from the ruling repressive "Mullah" leadership of Iran. America stood idly by and offered no support.

How about Cuba? Cuba has a totalitarian repressive regime that stifles individual liberties. How about Venezuela where Hugo Chavez is expropriating many foreign business, took control of the television stations, and is financing the Colombian communists? Why don't we help these oppressed people see the shining light of freedom?

How about China? The Chinese central government has fired on their own people and stifles certain religions as well as occupying Tibet? Why don't we establish a "no fly zone" over China while we are at it?

Will "anti-war" activists soon start protesting the Obama administration for their activities in Libya like they protested the Bush administration? What is the mission in Libya?  I wonder if the cruise missiles and airplanes will end up killing more of the civilian population than the amount of the civilians killed by Qaddafi loyalists. I wonder if the American and European involvement will end up being further recruiting tools for "radical Islamists" to get involved in further terrorism and "jihadist activities" against the "infidel West"?

Time will tell how this all "shakes out". "Unintended consequences" often occur despite our good intentions.