Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Scoreless Start

 Here is a photo taken today from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut prior to the noon start of the UCONN vs Villanova men's college basketball game. It almost looks like the British "redcoats" from revolutionary wartime comprise the color guard. It was a "Dow Jones" game for a while (up and down with both teams trading leads) but in the end the scoreless start ended with a Villanova victory to the dismay of the "Husky" home crowd. In retrospect, UCONN doesn't seem to have a good record of success with noon starts; maybe this is too early for some of the college basketball lifestyle as I'm sure a few of the UCONN players were up perhaps all hours of the night before studying and doing their homework. I guess you can't always "win 'em all" and maybe the Huskies were still basking in the afterglow of crushing the #6 ranked  Orange of Syracuse in their last game.

It was fun to see the game however and also to see some of my UCONN friends from good ole "Crandall D", South Campus where we lived in 1975.