Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Top Dog"

  Yes, the presidential elections of 2012 are now over. Hence, I was surprised to see a booth from the Cape Cod Dog Eaters Club at the Cape Cod Mall where I was shopping recently. They had a little table set up by the pet store and were trying to sell their remaining tee shirts left over from their endorsement of the re-election of President Obama. Now, President Obama, (the current top dog) was not my candidate, but, sometimes I can't resist a bargain as they were practically giving these shirts away. Why, they would even barter for dog biscuits, any spare dog that you didn't want anymore or even accept EBT card payments for these fine quality tee shirts.

Let me be clear, I am not a dog eater (except hot dogs on occasion)  but I do believe in the First Amendment of the Constitution and if you and President Obama have eaten dogs then who am I to dictate to you that you can't do this. Muslims for example in their religion are not supposed to eat pig products such as yummy bacon or drink alcoholic beverages. To that I say, "Great, all the more for me!" Some cultures eat bats, snakes, grasshoppers, monkey brains, and countless other native delicacies that I personally haven't tried and probably have no strong desire to try.

I was curious though about this dog eating group so I did ask them a little bit about their canine cuisine.  "What kind of dogs do you prefer to eat and how do you prepare these dog dishes?  Each person at the booth had a different favorite and some of their answers were as follows: "I enjoy a nice puppy dog tartar as the young raw puppy meat with some chopped garlic and onion, a little sea salt is quite delicious". Another canine chewer responded, "I like a nice Chihuahua chimichanga as I prefer spicy food." A third dog devourer described his favorite as a "Cocker Spaniel chowder" that he prepares in a slow cooker along with some carrots, potato, and celery.

So,there you have it, I did forget to pick up some of the Cape Cod Dog Eater Club literature as I personally am not interested in eating dogs or joining this club but I think they mentioned that they have a website. You could also probably check your local area for the nearest dog eating club and I understand that they will usually accept new members even if you are not a supporter of President Obama or have never eaten dog before. Yes in this "dog eat dog" world and stressful economic times there are a small but growing faction of "people eat dog" adherents.