Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Snow Dunes"

 Here is a photo taken from the second level of the East Wing of the oceanfront Soundings Seaside Resort in Dennis Port on Cape Cod after the "Blizzard of '13". They say, (whoever "they" are) that this storm is one of the top ten storms and was billed as the "Storm of the Century". Well, considering the century is only about thirteen years old, this may put the storm rank in a more realistic classification. I, for one, can recall worse storms than this although this storm was "nothing to sneeze at" ( unless you have a cold or the flu... in which case you would probably be sneezing even on a relatively warm, sunny, Winter day).
Usually I see a bunch of seagulls walking along the beach or standing in the freezing water, but today I didn't see any; or maybe they blend in so well that they are there but look like blobs of snow. I often wonder where the seagulls fly off to at night or during major storms. Maybe they have a big bird condominium complex somewhere or maybe they fly off to the Cape Cod Mall and try to sneak in to get out of the fowl weather. I don't know.

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