Sunday, January 9, 2011


I fed these sea gulls some stale baked blue corn tortilla chips today here on Cape Cod at the Soundings motel beach. Unlike the fair weather tourists these gulls are true snow birds as they stay on the beach all year round.

I have fed some of these gulls for quite a few years now and you know I think some of them know me. I do remember telling them that my name is "Rick" and now pretty much every time I come down to the beach they say something like "Rick, rickrickarickrickrickrickrickarick. " I always say, "nice to see you again you sea gulls you. Rick is my name but you don't have to wear it out." I am always amazed at how quickly these flocks of sea gulls appear as there could be just one sea gull when you get to the beach but after they keep saying my name over and over again in short order its like a bird convention. I guess they are glad to see me and want to make sure they tell their fellow birds of a feather that I am here.

Now that they seem to know how to say my name I'll have to work on teaching them some more words.