Monday, January 24, 2011

"Clown Shoes" Beer

I went to the local Dennisport liquor store this week and spied a bottle of "Clown Shoes" handcrafted Black IPA (India Pale Ale) on the beer shelf and thought I would give it a try. Now, I don't have an educated nose or tongue to discern the subtleties of an expert beer connoisseur as far as the aftertaste and describing the intricate flavors and aromas of a fine crafted brew but I must admit that the name "Clown Shoes" piqued my interest as well as the colorful graphics of the picture on this beer bottle enough to make me say to myself "What the heck, I think I am curious enough to try this beer brand and spend some of my hard earned rapidly depreciating US dollars and see what this here beer is all about and take the plunge into the unknown and purchase this said beer product

Normaly, I like pretty much any type of beer as long as it is cold but once in a while I do experiment with some brews that I have never tried before and this was one of those times.

Now, I can't claim that this is a "magical brew" but the strangest thing happened when I opened up this bottle of "Clown Shoes" IPA. Believe it or not, somehow, two pairs of my shoes ended up on my kitchen island countertop and seemed to want to congretate around my recently opened and poured bottle of "Clown Shoes" beer. It was one of the strangest things I had ever seen but somehow these shoes, a pair of size 12 "Crocs" and a pair of Saloman brand slip on shoes seemed to have an affinity towards this "Clown Shoes" brand.

Some people say that you can judge a quality beer by the size of the "head" on the beer when you pour the beer into a glass. I thought that I would try to measure the time it took to settle the head of this beer and decided to record this exciting event with my video camera (tease for a future posting) and see how this beer head would perform once I started filming this spectacular event. I made sure thast I recorded this event in HQ sound surround to capture all the subtle sounds of the beer foam collapsing as the poured beer settled into a drinkable state. So, get ready to experience the excitement of a poured "Clown Shoes" Black IPA !!