Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great Stirrup Cay

I saw a Manta Ray at Great Stirrup Cay. Here is a photo from the beach looking out at the water and the cruise ship in the distance. Everyone on the big boat boarded a smaller tender boat to get to this private island. I played volleyball and entered a volleyball tournament with some people I met who were from Michigan. We had a good team as everybody was quite skilled but ran into a team that we beat once but lost in the championship game. This team had a couple of "Stormin' Mormons" from Brigham Young University that played on the BYU men's volleyball team. These two guys were each over 6'6" tall and could really jump; as they say "you can't teach height". Our tallest player was only 6'5" but he stubbed his toe and couldn't jump as well after that.

The water was quite clear and you could see some fish even without snorkeling equipment which was available at only $30.00 for rental.

There was a reggae band on the island and also a free barbecue with hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, and plenty of fresh fruit.

All in all, a good day; saw a Manta Ray, listened to reggae, volleyball I did play, and swam in the bay of Great Stirrup Cay.