Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Choice of A "Frequent Flyer"

I was in the US Air terminal in Boston, Mass on December 28th as my scheduled flight for December 27th was cancelled due to the recent blizzard. While waiting for my flight I noticed a couple of birds who apparently live inside the terminal. What I wonder is whether these two birds made a decision to fly into this terminal at some point or if they inadvertently flew into the terminal through some open door or window and are desperately trying to find a way out so they can go soaring out into the open skies of the wild blue yonder. I tried to ask this bird this question but all it said was "chirp, chirp. potweeet" so I'm confused as to that answer.

Do these birds feel trapped in their climate controlled cage with really no predators in site and chances to eat all sorts of spilled human food like potato chips, popcorn, and perhaps some peanut butter and jelly sandwich scraps? Or, do these birds feel blessed in their perceived excellent choice of habitat? Maybe these birds are on "stand by" due to the snow storm and are patiently waiting for the next available flight South like the people in the terminal as everyone knows going South in the Winter is too far to walk.

If you were this bird what would you choose? Would you choose the comfort and security of a climate controlled airport terminal or the freedom and adventure of living in the great outdoors?
We all make choices every day in our lives similar to these birds.