Friday, January 14, 2011

"Cruise Dog"

I recently returned from a short cruise in the Bahamas. The first night I noticed that this dog appeared on my bed with either a dog bowl or a large croissant. I named him "Whitey" after his all white appearance. "Whitey" didn't seem to move much and his dog bowl was empty. His coat was soft and fluffy but seemed kind of dry; I never did see his eyes so I guess he slept a lot on this comfortable bed. I made sure that I gave "Whitey" some water as I filled up his
bowl before going off to dinner. When I returned the bowl was empty and his fur seemed a little moist so I'm sure he appreciated that.
Good ole "Whitey", I sure do miss him . He was very well behaved as he never barked or jumped
and was very patient for me to give him water.