Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Memorable Guests

Working at the front desk of a seasonal oceanfront motel on Cape Cod you get to meet all sorts of people from all over the world. Some people are more memorable than others. Today I will attempt to describe one such memorable couple of people who came back year after year.

Their names are Robert and Earline Vanderland, (not their real names but pretty close). Robert was probably around sixty to middle sixty in age and Earline was a couple of years older or younger but basically the same general age. Robert had thinning hair, glasses and ears that stood out from his head. In this description the intent is not to critique their appearance but to describe them. Earline would tell us that she had to help Robert with his "ear wax" build-up and sometimes Robert wouldn't hear too well unless his ears were cleaned out. Earline was of average height with small round glasses, a roundish face, and a high pitched voice. Robert had a deeper voice and a somewhat nervous sounding speech pattern.

For example, Earline and Robert would come to the front desk and speak with us, Earline cooing " We're going to out favorite restaurant across the street, Yum!, Yum!"; while rubbing her hand in a circular motion across her belly. Robert chimed in with his deep voiced mumbling style, "Yeah, huh, huh, its really good huh, huh, I like it huh, huh, its yummy huh huh".

One of their quirks over the years was to march up and down the rows of the parking lot I guess for exercise. I don't know if they were looking for some pennies, nickels, and assorted change or they just liked the feel of melting asphalt on their sneakers. Other guests liked to walk on the oceanfront beach but this couple preferred the parking lot.

The Vanderlands also preferred "Room 2" for some reason even though this room had a partially obstructed view of the ocean from their room and patio. One year they were moved to another room with a better view and they came up to the desk lamenting this and how they preferred "Room 2".

People at the front desk would speculate on how this couple of people met each other and comment on how well they got along with each other. Year after year they would come back to the hotel. The most memorable fact came to light one year when I learned that Robert and Earline were not married to each other. Everyone always assumed that they were a quirky but happily married couple. No, these people weren't having "an affair" or "living together in sin". They are brother and sister.

A memorable reflection about two memorable guests.