Thursday, October 21, 2010

"The Puppetmasters"

Juan Williams: Fox News gives Juan Williams an expanded role - The "Puppetmasters" controlling the political purity of National Public (Progressive) Radio may have stumbled "big time" when Juan Williams was fired for expressing his personal thought that he gets nervous when he boards an airplane and sees Muslim passengers dressed in "traditional Muslim" garb. A certain billionaire just gave NPR 1.8 million dollars. With friends like this billionaire it is clear that NPR no longer needs any public funding and it is time to de-fund this organization and let them compete if they can in the media marketplace without any governmental assistance (see the link from the LA Times). The progressive left of NPR apparently has no use for anyone that doesn't follow their viewpoint and agenda. These extremists have "crossed the line" regarding "free speech" with their intolerance for any view that doesn't conform to their "holier than thou politically correct" claptrap.

Let the debate begin. Do you want to live in a world of controlled speech or free speech? I think NPR "outfoxed" themselves and will be Soros (I mean sorry).