Tuesday, October 26, 2010

""The Punisher"

R, U, N, N, M, E ? .... Interesting to hear our esteemed president address the Latino audience and exhort the Hispanic populace to get out the vote to "reward their friends and punish our enemies". Are you an enemy? Well, if you believe in the rule of law; apparently you are an enemy. If you think illegal immigration is illegal; then you aren't showing true American values. It is somewhat surprising to hear a president describe people who don't support his left leaning viewpoint and world view as an "enemy". Maybe its just me, but, I thought the president was supposed to try to represent ALL of the people in the country and not just be a partisan hack who wants to reward his friends and punish his enemies. Notice how "fired up" President Obama is on the campaign trail as he flies around the nation basking in the warm glow of applause and adoration from his faithful followers. Although the number of his faithful followers is steadily decreasing as time goes by ( 37% favorable rating according to the most recent poll ) ; he seems to relish looking down from his podium and teleprompter and explain how good and smart he is and how dumb people are who don't agree with him.

It is not uncommon to compare current presidents with previous presidents. Perhaps this president is an amalgam of the worst traits of Presidents Nixon and Carter. President Obama appears to exude the thin skinned "enemies list" traits of President Nixon with the incompetence of President Carter. What do you think?

President Obama some say has a cerebral thoughtful professorial manner as he carefully weighs the issues of the nation. In school a professor has to have a class to teach his subject and students. Well, President Obama has no class. What else would you say about a president that flutters around the country with his fake folksy accent and says that Republicans have to sit "in back " . For someone who thinks he is so smart, President Obama with his nose held high up in the air; must think that he is above the common folk as he lectures his audiences on how the current state of the nation has nothing to do with anything that he did. For a supposed "smart guy" President Obama doesn't show any economic sense. You don't raise taxes during a recession and expect employment and economic activity to increase.

Don't be surprised President Obama that your party gets "punished" at the ballot box this November. As they say, "the only true poll is taken on election day". Barring extreme voter fraud by the Democratic side, a "red tide" is coming and I will "go out on a limb" and predict that Nancy Pelosi's days as Speaker of the House are numbered.