Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Semi-Refreshing Barf"

I'm sure most of you have "thrown up, puked, regurgitated, barfed, and upchucked" in your life as well as I and I don't know about you but generally this experience is not "one of my favorite things" as Julie Andrews would say as she would sing about "raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens",and something about mittens. "Puking" of course is your body's defense mechanism sometimes on expelling from your system things that aren't good for you. I guess it is better to "throw up" the bad stuff than keep this "stuff" in your body.

For example, I used to like to buy smoked oysters in a tin can from Thailand. One time though for some reason, I ate a whole can of smoked oysters and also had a cup of yogurt after eating these oysters. I then went to work at my seasonal job at The Soundings motel on Cape Cod. I was working with my brother Scott that night and all of a sudden started to feel a bit "queesey" and started to shiver uncontrollably even though it was probably about 80 degrees outside being during the Summer season. In addition to the shivering I guess I was experiencing "vertigo" as the walls of the office started to slant at non 90 degree angles. After a while, I guess my body decided for me, "enough of this" as I rushed to the bathroom and got rid of the oysters and yogurt from my system. After that I felt a lot better, the shivering stopped,the office walls resumed their proper angle, but was left with that "sour taste" in my mouth.

One time in my life though, I do remember a "semi-refreshing barf". I don't remember all the details of this barf as to what I ate before this stomach eruption; however, I do know that I drank quite a bit of orange juice right before puking. I remember upchucking and thinking to myself,"That wasn't bad in fact that was rather refreshing." I think that maybe the citric acid found in the orange juice counteracted some of the stomach acids that cause the sourness of most pukes and the fact that I drank the cold orange juice right before throwing up probably helped in making that regurgitation experience almost pleasant.

I guess if I had my druthers, give me an almost refreshing orange juice barf any time over a typical sour mouthed or "dry heave" experience. Of course, usually I for one would prefer not to puke at all. But, as in most things in life, there are different grades of human experience and a semi-pleasant barf experience isn't "half bad".