Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Oyster Cake"

Here's a photo of the "Oyster Cake" from the 2010 Wellfleet Oysterfest. This giant oyster cake was cut up and distributed throughout the crowd.
The cake was quite tasty and didn't taste like oysters at all! Near the end of the cake cutting the cake distributers were probably tired of cutting and lifting all the cake so the last dozen or so remaining pieces of cake were extremely large in size being about a foot long and about six inches high. It was fun to watch people eat these giant pieces of cake. Growing up we were often told to finish out meals at home as there were many people in China and other places that were starving. Of course, in the present time that is probably no longer true as China seems to have a fairly robust economy while America has over 42 million people on food stamps.
I wonder if Chinese parents tell their children to eat up all their food as there are many Americans on food stamps; probably not yet but I wouldn't be surprised if this happens in the future.