Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Neighborhood Turkeys"

While inspecting a home in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod today I came across a group of wild turkeys in the back yard of a developed residential neighborhood. Apparently this gang of turkeys roams the neighborhood and eats bird seed from the bird feeders. I was surprised that these birds weren't startled by my presence at all and didn't mind being photographed. There were a baker's dozen of big birds who sleep in the neighborhood trees at night so that the foxes and coyotes don't eat them. That seems like a smart idea for a type of bird that has a reputation of being on the dumb side. Yes these neighborhood turkeys seem almost as domesticated as a pet. I did promise these turkeys I would give them copies of my photographs so I'll just have to scan the trees tonight in this neighborhood to see where they are spending the night.