Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Who's the Scariest of Them All?"

Driving home from Wellfleet, Mass after attending the 10th Annual Wellfleet Oysterfest; I came across this "scary" house on State Highway in Eastham. Lots of scary ghouls, goblins, including "Michael Jackson", a dead rock band(The Grateful Dead perhaps?), and numerous tombstones. I noticed that the traffic was "bumper to bumper" from Wellfleet up until passing this house and then the cars started going the normal speed limit of about 45 miles an hour. This photo was a "drive by shooting" on my part as I took the shot from my car while driving past this apparently somewhat haunted dwelling near sundown. I guess either many people in the cars in front of me also slowed down to take pictures or else these people were so frightened of this horrific scene that they sped up once they saw this ghoulish assemblage. These creatures I guess only seem to come out near nightfall as I didn't recall seeing them during the daylight hours when I drove up to the festival.
The "scariest" figure though was not seen at this macabre dwelling. Yes, although he and his family have vacationed nearby on Martha's Vineyard for the past two Summers, for some reason he didn't join the other assembled frightening figures this past Sunday evening. Perhaps because he himself is more frightening than all of these other scary figures combined and didn't want to share his scariness with this assembled cast of creatures.
Yes, if you believe in the free enterprise capitalist system where you get rewarded based on your efforts; Barak Hussein Sotero Obama, is the scariest of them all. Socialism and Communism can seem to be appealing as a theoretical construct with each person contributing towards the greater good of society according to their abilities and sharing equally the results of their efforts with everyone else so that all will benefit. However, this does not work well in practice as forced expropriation to "spread the wealth around" destroys the incentive to work hard and is basically theft from the productive members of society.
It is one thing to help the "truly needy" who have physical or mental handicaps and are not able to support themselves. Many churches and charity organizations exist to help the disadvantaged among us and many people freely of their own volition contribute to these worthy causes as well as directly helping out friends and family.
It is another thing to have a society which demonises business and entrepreneurship during a time of rising unemployment and trillion dollar federal governmental budget deficits and then expects these same businesses to try to expand their business during a time of great economic uncertainty caused by the inept governmental policies of passing the TARP stimulus bill along the biggest boondoggle of all time; the Healthcare "reform" Act. Combine these actions with letting the Bush tax cuts expire as they probably will as Congress skipped out of town without even addressing this situation.
"Who's the scariest of them all?" For me, President Barak Obama is the scariest as he can create fiscal nightmares all throughout the year for our country and its freedom, individual liberty, and free market system; not just during the Halloween season.