Friday, October 17, 2014

"Deer In Headlights"

A couple nights ago I was driving to my house around 11:40 PM from the Soundings Resort. I was a few hundred feet from the turn off to my street when out from the corner of my eye I saw a deer running from the right hand side of the road towards my car from between a couple of houses. I though for an instant "Hmm, I've never seen a deer on this road before". The deer kept on running and didn't stop so we ended up colliding on the right passenger headlight area of my car. I was probably driving around 30 MPH at the time and didn't have enough time to avoid the deer. I wonder what this deer was thinking? Probably not too much I guess. From the collision , the deer was knocked into the center of the road on to its side; the deer looked at me for a second and then got up and continued running across the street.  I guess deer don't know enough to watch out for traffic so I literally had a "deer in headlights".

I went back later an found the piece of plastic from the headlight on the road and taped it up. The next day I went to a local auto parts store  and they said that they could order the replacement part for $375.00 and it would be there the next day. I decided to check the Internet and found the same part on EBay with a "buy it now price of $195.06 including shipping for a parts store in Illinois with arrival scheduled for Tuesday. So, I will see if I made the right decision when the part arrives although they do allow for free return shipping if the part doesn't fit.

I'm glad the deer seemed "OK" and I'm glad my car wasn't "totaled" but I kind of wish the deer was able to "chip in a few bucks" but it ran away before I could ask for identification.