Friday, October 3, 2014

Ebola Out of Controla? Time Will Tell

I see there are reports of Ebola spreading to the USA in Texas and possibly Washington D.C according to the recent news reports. Is Ebola out of controla? Reports I have read saw there is a possibility of up to 1.3 million cases in Africa by January 2015 according to some projections by health officials if this virus is not contained. Viruses I guess are prone to "mutate" over time in some cases and the fear is that Ebola could evolve into some sort of airborne strain where literally "all hell would break loose". They say that contracting Ebola is like the fires of hell inside the body and that blood even starts to flow from your eyes, ears, nose, and rectum from the  hemorrhagic conditions of this virus.

I wonder if this is one of the "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" as described in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. Some interpret the first horseman as representing "Pestilence" and the spread of disease. Time will tell how rapidly Ebola spreads throughout the world and how many will suffer a gruesome death.

Now, the United States has sent approximately 3,000 soldiers to Africa to help construct treatment facilities for the expanding number of Ebola victims to help in trying to treat this deadly virus. I hope these troops aren't directly exposed to the Ebola patients or we may end up with many soldiers coming back to America infected with this virus and further spreading this virus throughout the country. Time will tell.

There are other reports of new respiratory viruses spreading throughout America. The "open borders" policy of letting virtually anybody that wants to walk or swim across our Southern border without any type of medical screening may have contributed to new types of diseases and viruses broad to our country. Especially, I have heard that these new immigrants have been "settled" in all of the states.

It is usually risky to expose populations to new germs, viruses, and diseases. It is my understanding that many Native American Indians died from exposure to European settlers and the "small pox" they brought with them to the New World.

Time will tell the extent of the Ebola and other virus outbreaks. Time will tell if the lax government policies regarding immigration and health screening will come back to strike us with an out of control epidemic or if these viruses can be contained.