Thursday, September 25, 2014

"A Smokin' Sculpture"

"Smokin' is Cool"
I saw this "smokin' sculpture" on a recent trip to Nantucket Island. Outstanding, this sculpture had enough sense to smoke outside instead of infusing his Nantucket Harbor view residence with his smelly cigar. Nowadays, even sculptures can't smoke inside anymore I guess. I tried to talk to this sculpture but he just stared straight ahead and wouldn't even acknowledge by presence. Just because I wasn't wearing a suit and tie like the sculpture doesn't in my book give him the right to act so superior to everybody. Hey, nobody is perfect. Seems to me this sculpture is either conscious of his height as he puts himself on a pedestal and perhaps suffers from a "Napoleonic complex" or maybe he just wanted to get a better view of the harbor. Maybe this sculpture has trouble seeing as he is wearing glasses and perhaps hard of hearing as well as I just spoke with a normal voice. Perhaps the sculpture doesn't understand English. I don't know.