Sunday, September 14, 2014

"Nantucket Seagulls Down On Their Luck"

I find it quite sad that on an affluent island like Nantucket there are poor seagulls that are "down on their luck" and reduced to begging and asking for help outside the downtown Nantucket shops. Just look at these two poor birds who appear too weak to even sit on the nearby bench or steps. They both look like they are suffering from jaundice with their yellow faces, beaks, and eyes. They both look "green around the gills" and also seem to be suffering from poor circulation with their blue and purple legs. These poor gulls also seem to have lost a lot of their feathers and appear to reduced to not much more than skeletons. They do seem to retain the ability to write a legible note and maybe they should pick themselves up off the ground and try to get a job as a calligrapher or something. I told these seagulls they should consider going "off island" to either a big city where there is plenty of food scraps on the streets or head down to the beach where they can try to catch some crabs, little fish,  mussels, or clams. Unfortunately, these seagulls appeared too weak to even get up off their feet. Downtown Nantucket is just too clean and free of trash and discarded food scrap that these these seagulls are literally starving to death. For my part, I tried to feed them some popcorn but they were too weak to even swallow. So sad. At least they still have their purple hats to protect themselves from the sun.