Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I just returned from a boat trip to Nantucket today. Nantucket (an island off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts) is an Algonquin Indian name meaning "Far away land". This sign, painted on a wall in downtown Nantucket shows where I was today in relation to various places both near and far around the world. I happen to be pointing to Calcutta, India in this picture with my hand also near Bombay, India. WHY did I choose this destination to point to you may ask? Elementary, my dear reader. My name is Rick Shaw, and in both Calcutta and Bombay, there are and have been human and bicycle powered "rickshaws" that taxi people around these cities. Plus, Nantucket, Calcutta, and Bombay are all three places with an "Indian connection". Nantucket with the American Indian name as mentioned; and Calcutta and Bombay with the sub-continental location in India. Sometimes in life it is good to know where you are at that present time and where other places around the world are as well from that location you find yourself on this planet we call "Earth" which happens to be the only planet in our solar system not named for a "God".