Monday, September 15, 2014

Cromartie Gallery Nantucket Revisited "Hard Edge Realism"

I revisited the gallery of James Cromartie renowned for the painting style known as "hard edge realism". (See the You tube video below". I first met Mr. Cromartie in August of 2009 on a trip to Nantucket that year. I decided to go to his gallery/studio again this September but to my surprise I couldn't seem to locate at first his studio as I wandered aimlessly around the Nantucket waterfront with a couple of friends from the Montreal, Canada area who had never been to Nantucket. I thought to myself "Hmm, why can't I seem to find the gallery? I guess I better see if one of the other gallery owners can steer me in the right direction". I found out from one such gallery owner that Mr. Cromartie  had moved his studio/gallery to "Old South Wharf". We found the gallery and above you can see photos of one of his completed paintings and his latest "work in progress". Mr. Cromartie wasn't at his studio for this visit but the fellow at the gallery did mention that there is talk that a documentary is in progress for the "Discovery Channel " for the review of James Cromartie's "Hard edge realism" style of painting. In the above paintings one can note the attention to detail of virtually every blade of grass as well as the shadow created by the grass and flowers and the sun.

Now, I'm not a painter myself, but, it sure must take a steady hand, trained eye for detail, patience, and a tiny brush to complete these paintings which are almost photographic quality. This master artist has been living on Nantucket year round for approximately 35 years and has had a definite impact on the art world with his "hard edge realism" style of painting.