Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Grass Flip Flops"

While wandering the Cobblestone and brick streets of  downtown Nantucket island today I came across a unique store on "Easy Street" that sells, beer, wine, clothes, and "grass flip flops". I don't recall ever seeing a store that sold this combination of goods before in my life so far. For that matter, I have also never run across a store that sold just Scotch tape, Pez candy, and gas powered chain saws either and I'm not sure if I ever will.

I wonder if these grass flip flops modeled by this colorful parrot figure require the same amount of maintenance as a regular lawn? Would one have to install a miniature sprinkler system to keep the grass growing? Would you have to "lime and fertilize these flip flops? What kind of mower would you use when the grass needs cutting? I would think  that if you walked around in the grass flip flops you would end up trampling and killing the grass or at least making a path on the flip flops like you do if your yard gets too much constant foot traffic. What if your grass flip flops develop thistles or poison ivy? (that would be a prickly and irritating situation). I don't know. To me these grass flip flops seem to require too much work and expense; similar in many ways to a real lawn. I think I'll take a pass on the grass flip flops. You can buy them if you want to.