Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Lucky Horseshoe Crab Omen"

I just returned from going down to the beach this afternoon and was amazed to see a massive amount of horseshoe crabs along the shoreline and was particularly amazed to see these 9 horseshoe crabs congregated on the jetty rocks of the Inman road beach in Dennis Port on Cape Cod. To me it almost looks like they aligned themselves into a horseshoe shape. I said to myself "What a lucky horseshoe crab omen!". Then I thought, "Well, maybe that is why they are called horseshoe crabs in the first place as they sure don't look to me like horseshoes on their own. I guess they all really liked this feast of algae and seaweed on this rock. You won't catch me eating this algae; although I have heard that some ice cream has seaweed extract in it so I would be more likely to get my seaweed intake that way.

Now, I don't know if these horseshoe crabs were just busy eating or if they were the "council of 9" leading horseshoes that similar to the United States Supreme Court gather from time to time to issue rulings and laws for the horseshoe crab world but I do know that the other horseshoe crabs did keep their distance from this select group. I have heard that the horseshoe crabs are similar to those that were around I believe around 450 million years ago; way before the time of the dinosaurs so maybe, (who knows) if mankind gets wiped out by nuclear war or exotic virus future generations of these horseshoe crabs may still be around to clean up the beaches and rocks.