Monday, September 8, 2014

"Baby Jar Scotch"

Back in high school while attending Simsbury High in Simsbury, Connecticut during my Junior and Senior years in 1971 and 1972 (and maybe earlier) a group of us used to camp on top of a cliff at the end of Firetown road. Pictured in the above photo are "Kush", "Sky guy" and yours truly walking down Firetown road on the way to the camp site. We would camp out and sleep out under the stars in all sorts of weather even in the Winter snow. Across the Farmington River Valley below the camp site it is said that the Indian "King Philip" would watch from the cliffs on the other side of the valley from a cave as some of the settlements in the 1600's were set on fire by his band of Indians.

We used to bring up steaks to cook on the camp fire along with "Tiparillo" cigars, beer, with the occasional "baby jar Scotch" that someone would bring from their parent's reserves. The drinking age at the time in New York was 18 so we would be supplied by 18 year old classmates who would make "rum runs" to the New York border towns.  I remember one camping trip Richard Colwell (aka Colwell Turkey" became quite sick from the "baby jar Scotch" and almost burned his head as he collapsed near the roaring camp fire. Sorry to maybe embarrass you "Colwell Turkey" BUT it has been about 43 years since this experience so you probably have had a chance since then to learn how to handle your Scotch whether drunk from a baby jar, in a glass, or straight from the bottle.