Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Driftwood Chandelier Eye View at the Crue"

During my recent Nantucket Island visit I had lunch at the Crue Restaurant located right on Nantucket harbor at 1 Straight Wharf. They have an interesting "driftwood and glass chandelier in the dining room so I took a picture and also a photo of the lobster roll and fries meal I had with a "pumpkin flavored beer". I guess the meal photo would be close to what the chandelier would see looking down from the ceiling if it had eyes. The Crue restaurant has a wide variety of different oysters on the menu but these Oysters were priced at I believe $3.50 per oyster which was more than I was willing to pay unless they would guarantee a pearl in with the oyster. Yes, to me, $3.50 per oyster seemed too much even with the "million dollar view location" as believe it or not for that price they don't even heat up or cook the oyster as they expect you to eat it raw.