Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Sheik Yaboutay "

   I remember this song from 1976 by "KC and the Sunshine Band; "Sheik Yaboutay" during the era when "funky" music was popular. Here is a You Tube from "Soul Train". I never understood why the song title is "Sheik Yaboutay" but maybe this song is a tribute to one of the Saudi Arabian Sheiks who helped end the gas lines and gas shortages of the Jimmy Carter era of the early 1970's.. Apparently "Sheik Yaboutay" could really dance and maybe "KC" went over to to Saudi Arabia and watched one of the local "Dancing Under the Tents" dance contests which were quite popular in Saudi Arabia and the other Middle Eastern countries back then. It is my understanding that many of the dance contestants would drive their camels over many desert  sand dunes for many a mile for the opportunity to compete at the oasis. For some reason, these contests were always held on a Wednesday night (also known as "Hump Day")probably in honor of all the camels. I was surprised to learn this but it must be true as I saw this on the Internet somewhere. "Shake Your Booty" Sheik Yaboutay.

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