Thursday, November 19, 2009

"I Want to BE (or play) GOD"

Yes, I want to be (or play)GOD. Somebody has to do it; so why not me? What am I talking about? Well, if the health plan passes congress and becomes the law of the land then certain medical conditions and procedures which currently are decided with the patient and their doctor will have to be evaluated by a government bureaucrat who will decide and prioritise who will be allowed the required treatments and who will be denied them based on a cost and benefit analysis of the treatments versus other people who also require medical treatment. Talk about power to decide who will live and die; this is the ultimate job to play or be GOD. This job would be similar to being an emperor in ancient Rome, Italy where the emperor would give a "thumbs up" and let a gladiator live, or a "thumbs down" and sentence this gladiator to death.

With socialized medicine I guess that you have to believe the underlying premise that every human is an asset to the State. A determination must then be made based upon limited resources of the health care system who can most benefit the State and society based upon skill level, age, and remaining productive years of life of the patient and who should be sent to "the back of the line" if the patient is deemed too old, non-productive, or the required treatment too expensive versus the expected productivity gains of treating that person.

I want to apply to be "gatekeeper" (and Godlike) in making these decisions. I'm sure these jobs will pay well with great pension and vacation benefits as well as a first class health plan as I'm sure that these federal employees won't subject themselves to the same requirements and health system as the rest of us. If I'm not hired to play GOD, I wouldn't mind applying to help administer the required paperwork for prosecuting and putting in jail the people who refuse to purchase health insurance under the new proposed regulations.

In the Mel Brooks movie "The History of the World Part I" ; Mel plays a king and says "It's good to be king". With the new proposed health care plan one could say of the regulators, "It's good to be GOD". I want to be that GOD.

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