Monday, November 2, 2009

"My Stubborn Car Companion"

These "GPS" devises are somewhat amazing in my opinion as you
generally just have to put in the street address of where you want to travel to and within a few seconds your trip is all planned out for you and off you go. Not only does in this case my "Garmin GPS" tell me where to go but it also calculates the distance between every turn along the way and give a contour map of streets you pass by as well as rivers, ponds, lakes, green wooded areas and warns you ahead of time where to turn next.
Most of the time this devise is quite accurate. However there are some times when this devise is wrong but I can't get this "GPS" to admit it. For example, in Dennisport on Cape Cod where I live there are a couple of ways to reach my house. This devise always insists that I travel a certain route to go home even though it is a longer way. I always choose to ignore the instruction on directions given in this case and the female voice keeps telling me "Please drive the highlighted route!" I in turn talk back to my "stubborn car companion" and say "No, that's stupid, that way is longer and takes more time!"
Does the "Garmin voice lady back down and say "Oh, sorry, my bad, you live right around the corner and I will defer to your judgement on this "? No, the "Garmin lady" ever stubborn keeps repeating "Please drive the highlighted route!" and doesn't even seem to listen to anything I tell her.
Other times though the "Garmin lady" will back down and announce in a somewhat irritated voice tone "recalculating" and then adjust the route to reflect whatever route I have started to travel. But other times as mentioned above; "Garmin lady" won't back down or recalculate.
A few times I have heard the "Garmin lady" announce "arriving at your destination (wherever I had selected to travel to) and I'm facing an empty lot full of trees instead of the home address I was looking for. The reason for this as I learned one day in Wellfleet ,Massachusetts when inspecting a home located in the Cape Cod National Seashore area; is that the home I was looking for was elevated above this empty lot and not visible from the road level of my car.
This "Garmin Lady" also only plots a route based on going in a forward direction as I learned this past Saturday when I went from one home inspection to the next. The directions said to take a right , then a right, then a right , then another right and then a left. Apparently, I was about ten feet from the road where I was supposed to turn from and as I relied on the "GPS" instead on just looking up and noticing that the street I was looking for was right in front of me the whole time I did a half mile "squared circle" before turning on to the street I was looking for the whole time.
So, all in all I'm quite happy with my "Garmin lady" and the advise she gives me but I guess like any relationship sometimes you have to work out differences in opinion.

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