Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Milli Vanilli Would Be Jealous"

YouTube - in the jungle (the lion sleeps tonight) "Milli Vanilli" would be jealous. I'm sure they appreciate a good "lip sync" song as they used to "lip sync" themselves and got caught at it as you may recall. "Milli Vanilli" apparently was all "style" and no "substance" which of course is similar to a lot of current "pop" musical acts that really can't sing worth many a lick but can dance and prance and look good. As the saying goes or something like this anyway; "Its better to look good than to be good."

Check out this lipsyncing duo from the Phillipines on this You Tube video song link of the famous "oldie but goodie", "In the Jungle (the Lion Sleeps Tonight). I think they do a pretty good job and at least they aren't trying to pass off their efforts as "the real deal".

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