Monday, November 23, 2009

YouTube - Storming the Dome

YouTube - Storming the Dome Congrats UCONN Huskies football team on your overtime win at Notre Dame this weekend before more than eighty thousand people and on NBC national television. UCONN Coach Randy Edsall called this victory the biggest win for Connecticut football of their relatively short history as a Division 1-A program. For those of you who didn't watch the game click on the You Tube link created by "Santini 35".

When I was at UCONN in the mid-1970's Connecticut was a soccer powerhouse in the NCAA and the soccer games seemed to draw more fans than the football games. Now UCONN is starting to make a name for itself nationally in football to go along with their high calibre men and women basketball programs, along with soccer and polo. Next year UCONN is scheduled to play Michigan and I believe Tennessee as well; both among the top ranked football programs in the country.

UCONN "stuck with it" against Notre Dame and clinched the victory. Throughout this year UCONN has lost a few close games after leading late in the game but this game they were able to prevail. The game ball was dedicated to the family of Jasper Howard (Number "6") who was murdered on the Connecticut campus after a dance when he tried to break up a fight and was allegedly stabbed to death by and off campus visitor.

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