Friday, November 13, 2009

The "Local Loco Poco Concerto"

YouTube - Poco - Rose Of Cimarron I remember well "The local loco Poco Concerto" held in the back of Simsbury High School back in either 1969 or 1970. Also appearing that Summer evening was a band called "Ten Wheel Drive" featuring lead singer Genya Ravan who had a booming voice similar to Janis Joplin. "Ten Wheel Drive" had a sound similar to the groups "Chicago" and "Blood,Sweat and Tears" with a "horn section"


The evening of this concert I went with a few of my high school friends including Paul, Bill, and Greg among others. There was a large snow fence around the back of Simsbury High School and this fence even encircled the soccer field in back of the school. Just like at "Woodstock" though; people started streaming from out of the woods in back of the soccer field and climbing over this fence as well as tearing down the fence. After a while just like at "Woodstock" there was an announcement that it would now be a free concert so my friends and I just walked through the front entrance without having to pay.

Check out the You Tube link of "Poco" singing "Rose of Cimarron". "Poco" started in 1968 following the break-up of "Buffalo Springfield" with founding members Richie Furay, Jim Messina, Rusty Young, and George Grantham. "Poco" was considered an innovative band in combining "country" and "rock" influences. "Poco" had a sound that later seemed to influence the "Eagles" band with their multi-layered harmonies and with "Poco" member Timothy B. Schmit later joining the "Eagles". Some of the "Poco" songs include "Pickin' Up the Pieces", "Kind Woman", "A Good Feelin' to Know", "Rose of Cimarron", and "Heart of the Night".

At the concert there was almost a "mini riot" as the local police became involved in a skirmish with some of the concert crowd and there
were reports of the police being spit upon as well as being hit by some in the crowd as well as the police hitting some of the concert attendees.

"Poco" is still around with various personnel changes over the years and have released a total of 51 albums. That "Poco" is still around after all these years is "A Good Feelin' to Know".