Sunday, November 22, 2009

"People Have Called Me"

Everyone is given a name when they were born but throughout life many people get called different names by other people. For example here are a few of the "names" or "nick names" if you will that I've been called throughout my life (and this excludes adjectives or words like "moron", "jerk", and various swear words that most of us hear describing ourselves from someone else from time to time.) Richard Ashley Shaw, Richard A. Shaw,Rick, Richard, Ricky,Rich, Red, Dick, Rickashaw, Rickshaw, Rick O'Shea, Riccochet, Ritchie, Stomper, Simsbury Slim, Pizzazz, Johnny G.,Slimsbury,Funky Rick, Mister,Mr. Shaw,
Mr. Rickshaw, Mr. Rick,Shaw,Captain,Ranger Rick, Fella, Young man,You, Next, and Dick Shaw to name a few. What names have you been called during your life?

I have a brother "Steve" who is known as "Bert"'

Most of the names I've been called I haven't minded too much although I'm not a fan of "Dick". So please don't call me "Dick". Also, don't call me "Late for dinner".