Thursday, October 8, 2009


Back in the winter of 1982 I went on a vacation to Jamaica with some friends. We stayed on the beach at the Holiday Inn Rose Hall in Montego Bay. One of the days we went on a short bus ride to Negril. At the time Negril offered miles of relatively undeveloped beach which I understand has been developed into quite a few resorts over the years.

I purchased this robe made from "Red Bull" brand 100 pound gross enriched wheat flour sacks which were stitched together by a local Jamaican lady named Gwendolyn White with two pockets in the front and a cloth belt. My robe was made from flour sacks number 018 and 022 of January 1981.

Later "Red Bull" developed a sports drink but somehow I doubt if a Jamaican flour company and an Austrian based energy drink company are the same company.