Tuesday, October 6, 2009


YouTube - Jim Calhoun Coors Light Commercial I like the Coors Light commercials where they have people in a "mock" press conference ask questions and then the coach or personality answers with a pre-recorded actual answer from a real press conference. Here in this You Tube link is a press conference with Jim Calhoun, the head coach for the University of Connecticut men's basketball team. Coach Calhoun was really responding to questions about his salary during these tough economic times and someone suggested that he give back part of his salary. Coach didn't agree with that premise; (I don't agree either) and thus the "Not one dime back, shut up!, and Get somes facts and come back and see me!" answers.

I read recently in an article in "Investor's Business Daily" that drinking beer helps strengthen your bones.Apparently beer has a lot of silicon in it which is good for your bones. As I recently broke my wrist, I have had to drink a lot of beer to help my wrist heal. It's good to know beer is good for you and I probably would be drinking some beer even if this action didn't help me recover from the wrist injury. I am getting better so I guess my beer drinking has helped me.

So, help your bones, DRINK BEER.