Friday, October 9, 2009


Congratulations Mr. President on winning the Nobel Peace Prize today. You join two other presidents of the United States of America in being selected for this prestigious honor; President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt and Woodrow (Woody) Wilson. So, "Bully for you!"

I'm not quite sure what you have done to earn this award; and from your expressed surprise I guess you aren't sure yourself. Maybe the selection committee was impressed with your goals of making national government a bigger part in every one's daily life with increased influence in banking, the auto industry, energy industry, and soon to come further expansion in the health care field. Maybe the selection committee likes how you are reducing missile defence expenditures and halting protection of Poland, the Czech Republic with your cancellation of the agreed installation of defensive missile protection so that any future Iranian nuclear missiles can reach their target. Maybe they like your foreign policy initiative of alienating long term allies while trying to further befriend your soul mates such as Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers. Maybe the committee likes the fact that you can deliver a good speech when your teleprompters are working properly. Maybe just the fact that your name isn't George W. Bush was enough.

The Nobel Peace prize was named after the founder of dynamite. So, now that you have won this honor; let's get busy and approve expanding the Afghanistan conflict and approve a troop level increase of at least 40,000 additional soldiers. As the new "Prince of Peace" it is time to increase the killing of the "Islamofascists" and hunt down and bring to justice Osama Bin Laden as you promised the American people you would do before you were elected president.