Sunday, October 4, 2009

/Monkey Song/ Zotos Brothers and Friends

YouTube - Johnny Press/Zotos Bros/Monkey Song Back in 1976 as concert co-chairman of the University of Connecticut Board of Governors, we had a concert performance by the" Zotos Brothers" at the Von der Mahden auditorium. Here's a clip from You Tube of their "Monkey Song". Back then the Zotos Band consisted of Alex, Tom, Dan, Zack and Steven Zotos. I remember that they used a "kalimba" on a couple of their songs and they had a running banter with me ("Rick Shaw") as I was seated up close to the stage.

Steven Zotos died at a young age and this song was part of a tribute concert in his memory with the proceeds of the show used to help musicians and interest young people in music through their school music programs.