Monday, October 26, 2009

"Hello Yellow "

"Hello yellow Maple tree". How bright your yellow leaves shine this sunny Fall afternoon. Yesterday you had a rainy day and were losing your leaves every second it seemed between the wind and the rain.

I remember when you were just a skinny small tree that my Grandma Shaw gave to my Dad to plant. My how you have grown through the years !

As Fall turns to Winter each year you shed your leaves in a "blaze of yellow glory" as you get ready for your Winter rest. What would you say about this "global warming debate" if you could talk in a language us humans could comprehend ?
I understand that you trees like carbon dioxide (CO2) and that you emit oxygen as a byproduct of your leaf production and growth. Do you think us humans are "sapheads" for believing that "CO2" is a pollutant? I would think that the more "CO2" there is , the more you can use this and then create more oxygen; but what do I know, I'm not a tree.

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